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Where to read news in Spanish for free

Are you looking for some websites to read news in Spanish for free?

You can stop searching right now, because I have done the research for you!

Due to a change in their business model, more and more newspapers are adopting paywalls, which force readers to pay if they want to read the content.

However, despite the need to increase their revenue, some news outlets believe in an open journalism.

They will let you keep up with the latest affairs even without paying, although it’s possible to subscribe or make a donation to support them financially.

Let’s see some of those free Spanish language news sites!

Where to read news in Spanish for free

Reading the news in Spanish is a great way to practice your language skills.

Not only will you learn new vocabulary and grammar structures, but also you will have a better grasp of current socialpolitical affairs in the world, especially in Hispanic countries.

Of course, you can listen to the news in Spanish as well, and train your ears to improve your listening!

Read where to listen to news in Spanish for free to find out more resources.

But if you just want to practice reading, check out these fantastic Spanish language news sites!

1) BBC Mundo

BBC Mundo is the news portal of the British Broadcast Corporation in Spanish.

Although you will find relevant news following the international geopolitical agenda, the strong point of BBC Mundo are their articles about society, science, economy, health, technology, and sports.

All of them are full of information, context, analysis, and voices from both experts and the common people.

2) El Diario Nueva York

El Diario Nueva York is the oldest newspaper in Spanish in the United States – it was founded in 1913!

It covers local, national, and international news with a strong emphasis in Latin America and the events that affect especially the Latin community.

It belongs to ImpreMedia, the largest Spanish newspaper company in the US, which also owns La Opinión (Los Angeles) and La Raza (Chicago).

You can read all of them for free!

A girl reading the news in Spanish
La chica lee las noticias en español mientras toma un café. Foto de Samson Katt en Pexels

3) Infobae

Infobae is an Argentine digital newspaper founded in 2002, one of the most visited in Argentina.

It focuses on the latest political, social and economic news in the country, but there are also sections about technology, health, education, gaming, and even cats and dogs!

If you click on Infobae America you will read relevant information from all of the Americas, especially Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and the United States.

4) is a Spanish digital newspaper founded in 2012.

This is your best option if you have a special interest in Spain and whatever is going on there, since you will find local editions for every autonomous community of the country.

The international section translates articles published by the British newspaper The Guardian, which is my favorite in English.

There’s also the Argentine edition of the newspaper, elDiarioAR.

And that’s all for today!

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