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Where to listen to news in Spanish online for free

Where to listen to news in Spanish online for free? I have the answer for you!!

Listening to the news is a fantastic way to improve your skills in Spanish. And I’m not talking only about your listening!

You will also learn more about the different social, economic and political backgrounds in the Hispanic world.

Therefore, it’s a really good practice to expand your sociocultural knowledge!

That’s the benefit of learning Spanish by listening to Spanish radio news.

Where to listen to news in Spanish

I have chosen four great websites for you to start practicing right now and all of them cover the latest international affairs in the Hispanic world.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything. Relax and try to identify the topic and the main ideas.

You will find some familiar words that will let you get the gist, even if the speakers talk too fast (and that’s the way we natives speak in real life anyways, so you’d better get used to it!).

I promise that increasingly it’ll become easier! It just takes time and constancy.

Let’s find out some resources now!

1) Voz de América

Voice of America (VOA) is the international radio and television broadcaster of the US government, with headquarters in Washington D.C. It produces digital content for radio and TV in 47 languages!

On Voz de América you’ll find many programs in Spanish covering the latest events in the US and also international affairs, especially focused on Latin America.

Since VOA is aimed mainly at a foreign audience, if you are an American it might be interesting for you to see what the US communicates abroad about the country and its people!

2) SBS en español

Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is an Australian public service broadcaster, partly funded by the Australian government.

It also produces digital radio and tv content for audiences abroad in different languages. Spanish is one of them of course!

On SBS en español you’ll find radio programs and podcasts covering a wide range of topics. If you live in Australia, you can even watch some movies in Spanish for free!

Las chicas estudian español escuchando las noticias. Foto de Charlotte May en Pexels

3) Radio Francia Internacional

Radio France Internationale is a French radio public service with headquarters in Paris. It broadcasts 24 hours a day across the world in 12 languages.

Radio Francia Internacional offers a complete view about society, economy and politics in Latin America, and also the rest of the world, especially Europe.

If you are European, this might be the best option for you because you will practice Spanish and find out what’s going on with your neighbors in the continent, too!

4) Radio Nacional de España

Radio Nacional de España is Spain’s national public radio, a division of RTVE, the state-owned public radio and television broadcaster.

If you are fond of Spanish from Spain, this is the best option to listen to Spanish radio news! You will find many channels there with programes and podcasts covering both local and international affairs.

I suggest Radio Exterior, but take your time to explore the website and choose your favorite station!

And that’s all for today!

Do you want to learn more Spanish?

I hope you have enjoyed this article with websites to listen to news in Spanish online for free!

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