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Talking about weather in Spanish

Talking about weather in Spanish will be easier if you have the vocabulary you need!

An advantage is that all of the nouns and verbs used for this purpose are the same across Latin America and Spain. That means you can use them knowing that you will always be understood!

In such a rich language as Spanish, that’s not something that always happens. You can read the list of clothes in Spanish as an example of the variations among the different Hispanic countries.

This vocabulary is also useful for small talk, to start a conversation or when you don’t know what else to talk about, so you had better learn it, haha!

Are you ready? Let’s go!

People talking about weather in Spanish
El invierno es mi estación favorita. ¡Amo el frío y la nieve! – Foto de Mikhail Nilov en Pexels

Talking about weather in Spanish

You can practice the following words online or print this list and take it anywhere with you.

I suggest you try to memorize them by creating a meaningful example on your own!

The weather in Spanish

el tiempo = the weather
las estaciones = the seasons

verano = summer
otoño = autumn, fall
invierno = winter
primavera = spring

pronóstico (del tiempo) = (weather) forecast

clima = climate
temperatura = temperature
sensación térmica = apparent temperature / wind chill factor, heat index / feels like
grado = grade
humedad = humidity

fresco = cool, chilly
lluvioso = rainy
húmedo = humid, wet
seco = dry

calidez = warmth
calor = heat
cálido = warm
caluroso = hot

frío (sustantivo y adjetivo) = cold (noun and adjective)

nube = cloud
nublado = cloudy
parcialmente nublado = partly cloudy
soleado = sunny
mayormente soleado = mostly sunny

lluvia = rain
llovizna = drizzle
llover = to rain
lloviznar = to drizzle
lluvioso = rainy
tormenta = storm
tormenta eléctrica = thunderstorm
relámpago, rayo = lightning
trueno = thunder
arco iris = rainbow

viento = wind
ventoso = windy
brisa = breeze
tornado = tornado
huracán = huracane

nieve = snow
nevado = snowy
nevar = to snow
aguanieve = sleet
helada = frost

niebla = fog
nebuloso = foggy
neblina = mist
neblinoso = misty
bruma = haze
con bruna = hazy

And that’s all for today!

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I hope you have enjoyed this article with vocabulary related to talking about weather in Spanish!

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