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Talking about shops in Spanish will be easier if you have the vocabulary you need!

Or should I say ‘talking about stores in Spanish’ for my American audience?

That’s actually one of those differences of vocabulary between American and British English that confuse English learners.

But thankfully, in Spanish both words translate just as tienda.

Although In Argentina we would say negocio actually, but we understand tienda just fine.

We just like to be different haha! If you are curious, you can take a look at the list of Spanish words that are different in Argentina.

Are you ready to learn the names of shops (or stores) in Spanish? Let’s go!

People buying books - talking about shops in Spanish
Gente comprando libros en una librería. Foto de Pixabay

Talking about shops in Spanish

You can practice the following words online or print this list and take it anywhere with you.

I suggest you try to memorize them by creating a meaningful example on your own!

List of shops/stores in Spanish

almacén = grocery store, grocer’s

barbería = barber’s

carnicería = butcher’s
centro comercial = shopping (in Spanish it’s common to use “shopping” as well)

farmacia = drugstore, chemist’s
ferretería = ironmonger’s, hardware store
florería = flower shop, flower stall

herboristería = herbalist’s shop

joyería = jeweller’s
juguetería = toy shop

lavandería =laundromat, laundrette
librería = bookshop, bookstore

mercado = market
mercería = notions store, haberdashery
mueblería = furniture store

óptica = optician’s shop, optical shop

panadería = bakery
papelería (MEX), librería (ARG) = stationery store
peluquería = hairdresser’s
perfumería = perfumery
pescadería = fishmonger’s, fish market

quiosco de diarios y revistas = newsstand

tienda de animales = pet shop
tienda de electrodomésticos = appliance store
tienda de ropa = clothes shop
tiendita (MEX), kiosco (ARG), quiosco (ESP) = convenience store (a small one)
tintorería = dry-cleaner’s

supermercado = supermarket

verdulería = greengrocer’s, produce market, produce shop

zapatería = shoe shop

And that’s all for today!

Do you want to learn more Spanish?

I hope you have enjoyed this article with vocabulary related to talking about shops in Spanish!

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