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Talking about jobs in Spanish will be easier if you have the vocabulary you need!

Words for jobs and occupations in Spanish are the same across Latin America and Spain.

There are very rare exceptions, like ‘plumber’, which can be translated as plomero overall, fontanero in Spain and gasfitero in Perú.

Then, there aren’t up to three words to name the same thing, something that happens with other groups of words, for example clothes.

And since we are talking about people, remember that you need to change the ending for masculine and feminine! Read the following article to review this topic.

Are you ready to learn jobs and occupations in Spanish? Let’s go!

A dog walker in the park - jobs in Spanish
Soy estudiante y trabajo como paseadora de perros los fines de semana. Foto de Blue Bird en Pexels

Talking about jobs in Spanish

You can practice the following words online or print this list and take it anywhere with you.

I suggest you try to memorize them by creating a meaningful example on your own!

Jobs and occupations in Spanish

abogado = lawyer

actor, actriz = actor, actress

administrativo = administrative assistant

agente de viajes = travel agent

arqueólogo = archaeologist

arquitecto = architect

artista = artist

asesor = counselor

asistente personal = personal assistant

astronauta = astronaut

atleta = athlete

auditor = auditor

azafata = flight attendant

bailarín = dancer

bañero = lifeguard

barman = barman

bombero = fireman

cajero = cashier

camarero, camarera ; mozo, moza (Arg)= waiter, waitress

camarógrafo = cameraman

cantante = singer

carnicero = butcher

carpintero = carpenter

cartero = postman

ciclista = cyclist

científico = scientist

cirujano = surgeon

compositor = composer, songwriter

cocinero = cook, chef

conductor, chofer = driver

conductor (TV, radio) = host

confeccionista = clothing manufacturer

constructor = builder

controlador de tráfico aéreo = air traffic controller

contador = accountant

corredor de bolsa = stockbroker

dentista = dentist

deportista = sportsman

dibujante = cartoonist

director (empresa) = company director

director (escuela) = head teacher, principal

director de orquesta = conductor

economista = economist

editor = editor, publisher

electricista = electrician

empleado = clerk

enfermero, enfermera = nurse

escritor = author, writer

escultor = sculptor

estadístico = statistician

fabricante, industrial = manufacturer

farmecéutico = pharmacist

físico = physicist

florista = florist

fotógrafo = photographer

futbolista = football (soccer) player

gerente = manager

granjero = farmer

guardaparques = park ranger

guardia de seguridad = security guard

guía de turismo = tour guide

herrero = ironmonger

historiador = historian

ingeniero = engineer

instructor = instructor

intérprete = interpreter

joyero = jeweller

juez = judge

locutor = announcer

maestro = teacher

mago = magician

manicuro = manicurist

maquinista = machinist

marinero = sailor

matemático = mathematician

mecánico = mechanic

médico = doctor

minero = miner

monja = nun

músico = musician

niñera = baby-sitter

óptico = optician

orador = orator

panadero = baker

paseador de perros = dog walker

pediatra = pediatrician

peluquero = hairdresser

periodista = journalist

perito mercantil = bookkeeper

pescador = fisherman

piloto = pilot

pintor (de casas) = house painter

pintor (de cuadros) = canvas painter

plomero, fontanero (Esp), gasfitero (Per) = plumber

policía = police officer

político = politician

presentador = presenter

profesor (universitario) = professor, college teacher

programador = programmer

psicólogo = psychologist

psicoterapeuta = psychotherapist

psiquiatra = psychiatrist

recepcionista = receptionist

rematador = auctioneer

reportero = reporter

sacerdote = priest

sastre = tailor

secretario = secretary

soldado = soldier

supervisor = supervisor

tatuador = tattoo artist

taxista = taxi driver

técnico = technician

telefonista = telephone operator

teólogo = theologian

traductor = translator

vendedor, vendedora = salesman, saleswoman, salesclerk

verdulero = greengrocer

And that’s all for today!

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