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Talking about clothes in Spanish

Talking about clothes in Spanish will be easier if you have the vocabulary you need!

Since the Hispanic world is huge and Spanish is the official language in 21 countries, sometimes there are lexical variations.

For example, ‘sneakers’ or ‘running shoes’ are called tenis in Mexico, but zapatillas in Argentina, my country!

But other than those cases, most of the words are the same in both the Americas and Spain.

If you are curious, you can have a look at the specific vocabulary we use for some clothes in Argentina.

Are you ready to learn more clothes vocabulary in Spanish? Let’s go!

Two girls buying clothes - Talking about clothes in Spanish
Dos chicas comprando ropa en una tienda. Foto de Sam Lion en Pexels

Talking about clothes in Spanish

You can practice the following words online or print this list and take it anywhere with you.

I suggest you try to memorize them by creating a meaningful example on your own!

Clothes vocabulary in Spanish

abanico = fan

abrigo = coat

bastón = walking stick

bata = housecoat, dressing gown

blusa = blouse

boina = beret

bolso = bag, purse

botas = boots

bragas, bombacha (ARG) = panties, knickers

bufanda = scarf

calcetines, medias = socks

calzoncillos, calzones = pants, underpants

camisa = shirt

camiseta, playera (MEX), remera (ARG) = t-shirt

camiseta sin mangas, camiseta de tirantes = tank top

camisón = nightgown

cartera, billetera (ARG) = wallet

cartera = handbag, purse

chaleco = waistcoat, vest

chaqueta, campera (ARG) = jacket

cinturón = belt

corbata = tie

corbatín, corbata de moño = bow-tie

corsé, faja = corset

falda, pollera (ARG) = skirt

gorra = cap

guantes = gloves

impermeable, piloto (ARG) = raincoat

jersey de cuello alto, suéter de cuello de tortuga = turtleneck

jersey, sudadera = sweatshirt

mallas, calzas = leggings

medias = stockings

pantalón = trousers, pants

pantalón corto = shorts

pantuflas = slippers

paraguas = umbrella

pijama = pajamas

pulóver, suéter = pullover, sweater

reloj = watch

sombrero = hat

sostén, sujetador, corpiño (ARG) = bra

traje = suit

traje de baño, malla (ARG) = swimsuit, bathing suit

vestido = dress

tenis, zapatillas (ARG) = sneakers, running shoes

zapatos = shoes

And that’s all for today!

Do you want to learn more Spanish?

I hope you have enjoyed this article with vocabulary related to talking about clothes in Spanish!

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