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Spanish words that are different in Argentina

Did you know that there are some Spanish words that are different in Argentina?

If you want to understand Argentines when talking with them -or if you want to talk like them-, you will have to learn this vocabulary!

Argentine Spanish words vary mainly in food, clothes and modes of transport, and most of them are shared among countries from the Southern Cone.

That means that knowing them will be useful to interact also with people from Uruguay, Paraguay, and even Chile sometimes!

This is just everyday vocabulary. If you would like to learn more Argentine colloquialisms and slang, you can check out other articles of mine here.

Are you ready to learn some Argentine Spanish words? Let’s go!

Spanish words that are different in Argentina

If you have studied some Spanish in school, most likely you were taught ‘neutral’ Spanish, and that’s just the Spanish spoken in Mexico or Spain.

It makes sense especially if you are from North America or Europe because of the proximity.

So for the following list, I will add in brackets the words that Mexicans and Spaniards usually use.

List of Argentine Spanish words by categories

Food and drinks

ananá (piña) = pineapple

arvejas (guisantes) = peas

banana (plátano) = banana

chaucha (judías verdes, ejotes) = green beans

choclo (maíz, mazorca, elote) = corn

facturas (masas) = pastries

frutilla (fresa) = strawberry

gaseosa (refresco, soda) = soda

morrón (pimiento) = sweet pepper

palta (aguacate) = avocado

pancho (perro caliente) = hot dog

pocholo (palomitas de maíz) = popcorn

porotos (habichuela, judía) = beans

A man eating strawberries and cream - Spanish words that are different in Argentina
El hombre de musculosa blanca come frutillas con crema. – Foto de nappy en Pexels

Clothes and accesories

bombacha (bragas, ropa interior) = panties

buzo (jersey, sudadera) = sweatshirt

camiseta = team shirt, jersey

campera (chaqueta) = jacket

corpiño (sujetador, brasier) = bra

malla (bañador, traje de baño) = bathing suit

musculosa (camiseta sin mangas, camiseta de tirantes) = tank top

polera (jersey de cuello alto, suéter de cuello de tortuga) = turtleneck

pollera (falda) = skirt

remera (camisa, camiseta) = shirt

zapatillas (tenis) = running shoes

Modes of transport

auto (carro, coche) = car

colectivo (autobús) = bus

micro (autobús de larga distancia, autobús interurbano) = intercity bus

subte (metro) = subway, underground

Other Spanish words that are different in Argentina

balde (cubo, cubeta) = bucket

birome / lapicera (bolígrafo) = pen

nafta (gasolina) = gas, petrol

pileta (piscina) = pool

sorbete (pajilla, popote) = straw

tacho (cubo de basura, papelero) = trash can, rubbish bin

And that’s all for today!

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