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A native Spanish teacher!

My history as a native Spanish teacher

Hey! My name is Kevin and I’m a native Spanish teacher from Argentina 🙂

I was born, grew up and live in Buenos Aires, the capital of the country.

After graduating from high school, I got a minor in Sports Journalism, and then started studying Communication Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires, where currently I’m taking my final classes to get my degree with a specialization in Educational Processes.

Back in 2016, I was studying English and wanted to practice and improve my skills with native speakers around the world. But soon I realized that I loved helping my language partners learn Spanish!

That’s why I decided to become a teacher! Therefore, I studied and worked hard, got my certificate in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, and here I am!

As a native Spanish teacher, I have experience teaching both tourists and people who are just interested in the language, as well as refugees and immigrants to Argentina, because I also volunteer for a church in La Boca, a popular neighborhood in the south of the city 🙂

How can I help you?

My Skype Spanish lessons are based on a communicative approach.

So I want to help you communicate in Spanish in real life situations and develop fluency and confidence in your oral skills, always according to your needs, interests and personal goals. And all of that while having a lot of fun!

Also, as I said, I’m from Buenos Aires. Yes, I’m a porteño! I use voseo and my Spanish is full of sh’s, haha. So if you want to learn Argentine Spanish and find out more about the culture around here, and you are looking for a Spanish teacher from Argentina, I’m here!

We are in this together and together we will achieve all of your goals 🙂

Book a lesson with me now and let’s get started!

Get a 30-minute trial lesson for the price of a cup of coffee!

This trial lesson will serve as a first meeting to get to know each other better and, of course, you will have the chance to see what a lesson with me is like. But not only that! I promise that you will learn something new right from this very first meeting. I’m looking forward to meeting you!