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How to learn Spanish with Twitter

Did you know it was possible to learn Spanish with Twitter? Yes, it is!

With my revolutionary method you’ll be able to learn real life Spanish in a fun and entertaining way.

Also, if you don’t have a Hispanic friend to ask to, Twitter will help you find out if native Spanish speakers really say something or not, in case you don’t trust what your brain is telling you.

And best of all, you don’t even need to create an account!

Are you ready? Let’s go!

How to learn Spanish with Twitter

Twitter has over 350 million users worldwide, and approximately 35 million of them are native Spanish speakers, with Mexico, Argentina and Spain at the top 3 of Spanish speaking countries.

That means that you can truly learn a lot of Spanish if you know how to use this tool properly.

As I said, you don’t need to create an account, but if you have one you’ll access more features and organize your learning better.

So you can use Twitter to learn Spanish in four different ways!

1) To find out if native speakers say something or not in Spanish

If you have a Hispanic friend (you might have found a good language partner), you can ask them if native speakers do use a certain word, phrase or grammar structure.

But if you don’t have one, Twitter will be there for you!

Use the search bar and write in quotation marks (” “) exactly what you are interested in knowing.

For example, a student of mine had a question about the expression habérselas con alguien. But I had only heard of vérselas con alguien (to deal with someone), never habérselas.

So I just typed in quotation marks habérselas con on the search bar and many results showed up!

That led to the conclusion that it was a more or less common expression in Spain, and that’s why I had never heard of it before. But it was correct!

You can do the same with Google, of course, but sometimes you won’t find enough results or they will show just other student’s doubts.

It’s truly a revolutionary method, isn’t it?

A person using Twitter to learn Spanish
Alguien que decidió descargar Twitter para aprender más español. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

2) To learn Spanish in context

Since the early 2010s, Twitter has been the favorite social network of public figures.

Now it competes with Instagram, but since the purpose of it is mainly to share photos, when they want to express themselves in words, they prefer Twitter!

So you can follow these people’s accounts, from your favorite YouTuber to the president of your favorite Hispanic country, and learn more Spanish in context!

Pay attention to the words and phrases they use, as well as their grammar constructions.

In some cases they don’t really manage their accounts (they hire a professional to do it), but some still write their tweets themselves, and it’s curious to see how they write in real life.

You can imagine you are chatting with them!

3) To learn more about your favorite countries

You can always read the news in Spanish to keep up with the latest events in the Hispanic world. However, although important, they’re not always what people are really talking about.

That’s when Twitter’s trending topics enter the scene!

Every time you visit you’ll be able to read the trends of the country you are in without logging in.

If you want to explore what’s going on in other countries, you need an account to select a different country and see what the trending topics are there.

Click on a trending topic, read what native Spanish speakers are saying about it, and learn more about those events that are really relevant for them!

4) Follow @RAEinforma!

One of my most attentive readers, Sanjay, has suggested following @RAEinforma, the official account of the Real Academia Española (the institution that has regulated the language since 1713).

Sanjay says: ‘you can learn a lot from their posts and the discussions that follow. And they have a great team managing the account with a sense of humor 😊’

Under the hashtag #dudaRAE you can send your doubts related to the Spanish language and they will answer under the hashtag #RAEconsultas!

You need an account to do it, of course, but you can also just read the tweets by clicking on the hashtags without logging in.

And that’s all for today!

Do you want to learn more Spanish?

I hope you have enjoyed this article about how to learn Spanish with Twitter!

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